Friday, 13 January 2012

The Thing With Inspiration

Today I'd like to tell you a bit about my usual writing schedule.
Thanks to Hugo I am now able to write not only at home and at work (I like Google Docs), but also on the go, which is a big plus! Almost all of Nine was written on Hugo on my way home two days ago. Wow. :-)
When I get to a new prompt, I try to first make up my mind what the story should be. The first draft happens almost only in my head, except for some key notes to make sure I won't forget anything in case of a distraction. Then I write the story down for the first time, and, when it's finished, move on to the next prompt. This way, I can get some distance to my writing, which helps with the editing later, and it also ensures that the next post is on the way when I post something. After the notes and maybe the beginning of the next story are written down, I return to the last one, read it over a few times, edit and post. Repeat.
(Sometimes, though, like today, I don't have much on the next one before I post. Today, this is because I won't be home this weekend and wanted to get this posted before.)

Now, why am I telling you this?
Here's why: after finishing the first written version of Eight, I told an old friend that it was finished. He asked if it was erotic, which made me laugh, having Elisabet's baptism in mind. But then I moved on to the next prompt
"they had broken a solemn promise"
and even before I had time to think it through, the erotic story had settled down in my mind and wouldn't budge. Blame him if you don't like it. ;-)
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