Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Another Point of View

"part of the glory of heaven that has strayed down to earth"
Isn't this a nice description for a newborn human? How long did it take you to understand what was going on with Elisabet?

This prompt gave me the chance to introduce Elisabet ahead of time, since her name is part of prompt number ten. She is the daughter of Lucy and Dan, or rather, the daughter of Lucy and an unknown stranger. Being blond, Lucy grew up with the goal of saving her natural hair colour from extinction by having blond children. Dan, being more on the dark side and almost her exact opposite, didn't fit the concept, but lucky for her fathering children proved a biological difficulty for him. He agreed to the in vitro fertilisation and even let Lucy select the father. In turn, naming the baby would be his call.
Now, Dan might not be very fond of reading books in general, but Lucy changed him somewhat. His favourite book, probably for its strangeness and easy of reading, turned out to be "The Christmas Mystery". When he knew that a blond girl was on the way, there was no doubt about what her name should be. Lucy wasn't very happy with this, and tried once to at least adjust the spelling to a more common version, but Dan wouldn't budge. In the end, bound by the promise she had give him, Lucy had to surrender and get used to the name.
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