Friday, 20 January 2012

Always Read the Manual

This is just a short apology for the lateness that is to be expected from Flash 11.

I wrote most of it on my way home yesterday, on Hugo of course. A few minutes ago, I synchronized the eReader with my office PC to finish the first written version in Google Docs. To my great surprise all that was on the computer was a file with the prompt itself, though. I checked back on Hugo - and it was the same!

What do we learn from this? Read the manual!
Well, actually I'm not even sure it's in there and I don't feel like looking it up now. How would it help, anyway?
I believe that, for some mysterious reason, the computer is always dominant. Synchronization always goes both ways (you can't switch that off) and in my case, the computer version of the note in question was only the prompt. It overwrote the note on Hugo and now I have to start practically from scratch again.
To make matters worse, I don't like the beginning any more. Hopefully that's just because I'm so upset right now, but in any case this episode has totally ruined my schedule.
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