Sunday, 29 January 2012

Help Wanted

Writers, do you know this? You have the outline of a story in your mind, but when you start writing one of the characters comes out the opposite from what you planned, changing the whole story. You try to go with it, but when it's done you hate the outcome. What do you do then?

That's exactly what happened to me with Twelve. I started to write and suddenly the interviewer was an absolute bitch, changing the whole script! I needed some days away from it all to be able to start again. So much time gone to waste! To make matters worse, I've caught a nice, dizzying cold and can't really judge the quality of my writing just now. That's where you come in! Please, if you have some time to spare, go read Twelve and send me your feedback.

By the way, the prompt was
"for there's no sense in believing what's right unless it leads to helping people in distress"
so I can't change that specific sentence. How did I implement it into the story? 
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