Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Review: The Long Mars

The Long Mars The Long Mars by Terry Pratchett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Since I don't want to add spoilers, I'll keep this very general.
The third part of The Long Earth series was - for me - a bit better than the second (The Long War). There were some interesting story lines which actually included some action. Sadly, it turned out the author(s) can't really write action scenes, so they ended up being boring. Still, that's a vast improvement over nothing happening at all!
Speaking of which, there were multiple occasions in which a potential action was stopped in its tracks by either "and then they moved on" or "they did that dangerous/difficult thing" without any explanation as to how they actually managed to pull it off.
What I still despise most in this series, and it happened again in The Long Mars, is the way almost all information is conveyed through conversation between the characters. In the last book, I had heavy objections against people discussing other people/beings/potential enemies even - while they were present and listening. This time, it was a different matter: if I know, from the main characters in the book, that something terrible might happen at a certain place, I expect them to bring people to somewhere else. They, instead, brought them to that place - and then were surprised when danger called. Seriously? You knew, damn it!

Anyway, the book was a bit better than the last (no conversations about people in front of them and more things actually happening), and there's only one left to read. I guess I'll be able to cope with that as well (after a break with a potentially more interesting book).

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