Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Moving Into the Future

This, again, took some time. It was a very busy weekend, and even though I started writing Ten at a museum in Hanover, Germany, while listening to children having fun, it took quite some time to complete (and start the next Flash before uploading this one, of course).
Here's the prompt:
"a few seconds later what Elisabet had thought was a bird took off and flew down in a spiral towards the pilgrims"
Now you know why I needed a girl called Elisabet. :-) Since she is the daughter of Lucy and Dan, who are more or less my generation, we now notice for the first time that we have moved a bit into the future. Of course, other Flashes have been farther still, but they didn't feature innovations like a tunnel that can depict an abandoned road or be transparent as glass (not to mention the perfect sound insulation and the bird camera).
I tried to weave the word "pilgrims" in as naturally as possible. How successful was I?
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