Sunday, 8 January 2012

Of Heaven and Lost Memories

Gah, I am so very late again! My sincerest apologies! Distractions are everywhere, in so many forms. One of them will - hopefully - be posted here later today. ;-)
First, though, is the seventh prompt:
"in heaven we've always considered this to be a slight exaggeration"
Can you see the problems I had with this?
I mean, heaven. It's such a specific term! Is there any way that "we in heaven" could be other creatures than angels? I tried to work around that, since angels don't really fit my concept, but in the end I gave in and created Arthur inside the dream world.
My next problem was the exaggeration. What could it be? Well, once I had come to terms with the angel and real heaven thing, it wasn't so difficult. Himalaya was already part of the story and could easily be used as stairway to heaven...
Then I was stuck, though. I had promised that all the 24 Flashes would be independent, but thinking of heaven and angels and Himalaya, I couldn't help thinking of Five and the poor, confused Brian. It also seemed that Five was harder to understand than I thought, which made a sequel all the more appealing. So there you have it, I hope you don't mind.
Is it clearer now?
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