Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Love is...

Sorry for the long break! With the holidays almost upon us it gets a bit harder to focus. Plus, telling the story from inside Lucy's mind was hard and prompt number three was a difficult one.
"like running before the wind - or like hurtling down a moving staircase"
What do you think this could be?
The obvious, when you know The Christmas Mystery, is of course their way of travelling from Norway to Bethlehem while going backwards in time. But my blog shouldn't be this close to the book...
In the end I went for love. Love can be a lot of things, and love at first sight can happen so quickly, right?

So now you've met Dan and Lucy! What's your first impression?
Yes, I know, Lucy seems a bit... well, let's say disagreeable. But you have to understand, she had a really bad day at work, not enough sleep for over a week... And her highlight of the day was meant to be a date with Brian, who always makes her forget the woes of the real world. But he didn't show up! You can't blame her for being so aggressive, can you?
Dan, by the way, is a colleague of Anne, who also works at the Café. Just in case you wanted a stronger connection to the characters you already know...

Now, about those last two sentences I ended the story with... The second one wasn't planned, it just happened that, when I wrote "matter of Brian", my brain went straight to a large pink balloon going gloop, gloop. Blame Terry Pratchett.

The most important question:
Do you really think that excerpts from Harry Potter in English would make this story easier to read than the Italian ones? Won't thy get mixed up with the ongoing story too much?

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  1. The mix up could have been prevented by printing them in italic but you already used this style for – I think – the all-knowing narrator. You could add footnotes with the translation of those passages.

  2. True, italics would have helped, but would have been impossible to use. ;-) Maybe another font would also work, only that even on my laptop the font is not displayed right so I can't be sure that you'd see a difference.
    Footnotes won't help with the reading though, would they?

  3. I would say that footnotes don't obstruct the reading as much as whole passages in a language you don't speak. (Bad enough that Darwin and Doyle quote in other languages: Latin, French and German. :-D )
    I like footnotes, maybe because Terry Pratchett used them a lot. ;-)

  4. So you'd enter footnotes instead of the text? I'm afraid I don't really understand what you are suggesting.

  5. No, not instead of the text but in addition to the text. :-D A * behind the Italian part and the translation in a footnote (or for this is a blog as an endnote or mouse-over-text if possible).

  6. Why would that be so important? The Italian text is irrelevant for the story.

  7. Without understanding the Italian text it's relevance can't be judged.
    I think that is my whole point. *g*

  8. May you should learn to trust the author not to post anything relevant in a language you don't know. ;-) Plus, it is clear that these passages are form Harry Potter, so how could they be of concern to the story?

  9. There is love in Harry Potter, too. :-P
    And therefore that I'm reading articles from sociologists I don't trust authors very much right now. But I try to make an exception for you.

  10. So? If it were important, I would have cited in English. :-P