Friday, 23 December 2011

A Cold Wind is Blowing...

First things first: Yes, I took the name from Harry Potter. Sue me. :-P

When I first thought of this project I assumed the greatest difficulty would be to connect all 24 posts in some way or another. Now that I've arrived at prompt number four I notice that the real difficulty is to keep them separate. The first thing I think when I look up the next sentence is: to which character would this fit best? Not: which plot best supports this sentence?
I have to drag my mind away from what I already know, try to clear it completely and approach the prompt with no background screaming to be integrated. It's already starting to drive me insane, but then, it's a great test for my perseverance and capabilities which I intend to pass.

"he scarcely had time to look surprised"
could be anything, really. After some internal arguments I managed to use it to introduce Norbert and the concept of the guard dragons for the world where strong dreams come alive in.
Did any of you already guess who his successor will be?
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