Monday, 12 December 2011

The first Flash is up!

It has begun. :-)
The sentence I had to include in my first post was
"perhaps the clock hands had become so tired of going in the same direction year after year that they had suddenly begun to go the opposite way instead".
In The Christmas Mystery this is a thought Elisabet has when she follows the lamb from the shopping centre, because that's when she starts running back in time, although she doesn't know it.
Going the same travel-back-in-time route seemed a bit lazy to me, so I looked for something else. Dreams are always a nice place for clocks going backwards, aren't they? Dreams and premonitions...

Anyway, how do you like Anne? She is 18 at this time, has left her home almost a year ago and is now back to take care of the house while her parents are on a wonderful three weeks Christmas vacation. Lucky that nothing did go wrong in the end, right?

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