Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Vacation Notice and Review: Always Remember to Tip Your Ninja

Lords and Ladies was the last book I read and reviewed for the British Books Challenge this month. I'm leaving for a two-and-a-bit weeks vacation early on Friday. There will be almost no internet access, and, anyway, I had planned to read my way through the four Eragon novels while away. Since they don't count towards the challenge and I - as already mentioned - won't have much internet, there will be no updates on goodreads or reviews here.

See you in August!

Always Remember to Tip Your Ninja: And Other Maxims for the Clinically Absurd
Jeremy C. Shipp

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Always Remember to Tip Your Ninja is a collection of more or less funny slogans. It was entertaining enough for three quick lunch breaks, but I'm happy I got it for free. I have to say I never buy books without a story to them, though, so it might be just me.

Some of the "maxims" were really funny, others were quite dumb, and some I simply didn't understand.

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