Saturday, 10 March 2012

Welcome to the Dream World

"every person's imagination is a little different"
was the perfect reason to delve a bit into the magical dream world, to which Anne contributed as a child and into which Brian vanished, to become the successor of Norbert, the guardian who is doing the story-telling in Sixteen. (I had to link to the Wikipedia article, because it's so funny that there is one! I browsed it briefly and learned that Norbert is not even doing any story-telling, because there's no plot involved. Oh well.)
I had wanted to explore it a bit more with you for some time, explain what it actually is and how it works. I know this is not really flash fiction, as it doesn't tell much of a story. I'm sorry if that irritated you. Maybe it helps imagining a huge dragon flying over his world, with you on his back, giving you an introductory tour?

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